Lower Flows and Cold Summertime Water Temps are Keeping the Trout Interested.

With flows around the 65 cfs mark, the river temps have been remained cool with these hotter July temps.  The water temps are starting the day around 50 degrees and rising to the mid to upper 50’s on warmer days.  Cloudy days have kept the water temps lower but the fish are still looking to eat.

Caddis have been seen fluttering across the waters surface from Masemore up thru Falls Road as well as very few late, late sulphur sightings. X-Caddis and Pheasant Tail nymph patterns have been producing fish to the net consistently.

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Sulphurs in Full Swing and some Caddis on the Gunpowder. Lower flows on the Savage make for more productive fishing!




Water levels are great right now and make for some really good fishing!  The trout are actively taking sulphur adults in the fast water along with some caddis.  Try fishing an emerger as a dropper behind a dry fly such as a sulphur comparadun or, (as pictured), an X-caddis imitation. These have been taking fish over the past weeks.  When the fish are not actively rising, try drifting nymphs to attract attention.  During recent trips, many freshwater scuds were noted in the gravel, try fishing these patterns in size 18-20.

After recent rains, Savage River flow levels are also optimal at the moment.  With the river flowing at 120 cfs, try fishing streamers and deep drifting hares ears or pheasant tails through most seams and channels.  Don’t rule out caddis emergers and wet flys in size 16-18.

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Winter Fishing in Spring-Like Temps

A break in the frigid temperatures make for a great day to be on the river ! With most fly fisherman chained to their fly tying desk recently, this weekend was a great chance for those to get out and wet a fly on local waters.

The gunpowder is flowing at 215 cfs making finding holding trout a little tough. The water temps are in the upper 30’s causing trout to be quite lethargic which forces anglers to “force feed” trout their offerings. Anglers that concentrate on the slower deeper sections of the river will be rewarded with a tight line and a boost of adrenaline to keep them warm. Try fishing streamers as your lead fly and using a copper john or zebra midge as your dropper. The deeper the better…

The mild temps have all of us hoping for warmer weather but don’t give up the tying bench just yet. As we all know, the end of February and into March can bring some frigid conditions.

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Here’s to warmer weather and hungry trout !

Summer Fishing and Wild Trout

We have slipped into the summer slide of trout fishing.  Fishing is good with terrestrials and midges.  On a recent trip to Western Maryland, the trout were hungry but very selective.  Still managed to hook several wild fish, just had to work a little more to get them.  That seems to be the trend across MD this summer.  With low flows and crystal clear water, stealth and an accurate presentation is key in landing a wary trout.  Try small caddis emergers behind a yellow bodied hopper or and orange beetle.

Try fishing hoppers or beetles with a dropper midge or caddis emerger to tease the fish to the surface.  Sometimes, an aggressively stripped wooly bugger or other streamer thru the pocket water will entice a reactive strike.  The key is to try new things and fish the “fishy” water to get the strike.


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Tight Lines!!!


Spring Time Flows and Hungry Browns !

The Gunpowder River is currently flowing at 104 CFS and coming down after last weeks heavy rains.  This is a great level to fish streamers and also match the hatch.  Caddis and Sulphurs fished in the riffle and run sections from Masemore Road up towards Falls Road should do the trick.  X-Caddis patterns will also be productive patterns to use since these can imitate both caddis and sulphur mergers stuck in the surface film.  Just add a little floatant to the wing of the fly so the body and the tail sit low in the water giving the appearance of an insect trying to break free from the surface tension.

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Gunpowder Fishing well thru Winter 2017

Mild temperatures this winter have kept fishing exciting!  The fish have been eagerly taking streamers and midges in the deep pools and riffles.  The recent snow put a brief “slow-down” on the fishing but never fear,…warm weather is just around the corner. Stoneflies in the 14-16 size range have been noted on local streams and on the warmer days, trout can be seen rising to mother natures offerings.  With Spring just around the corner, look for Hendricksons and March  Browns to make an appearance preluding to the much anticipated annual Sulphur hatches in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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