Summer Fishing in Full Swing – Post Cicada !

Well, the 17 year Cicada hatch has come and gone and the fish definitely took advantage of the event. The fishing was truly a great experience bringing back memories of the last emergence and already building anticipation for the next.

Savage River Cicada Chaser

Gunpowder River flows are currently in the normal summer low flows around 30 cfs but the fishing is still productive. The mornings have been the best time to get out on the water avoiding the mid-day heat. Remember that with the low flows, a stealthy approach and long leaders are required to avoid drawing unwanted attention to a splashing line and leader. Using an 8.5 to 9 ft. 4 weight rod is perfect under these conditions set up with a minimum 10 ft leader in 5x or 6x.

Small Caddis are working and can be seen skittering around in the mornings as well as the always evident midges. Black ants drifted through the riffles are always a good bet this time of year as well.

Have fun and Good luck out there !!!

Healthy Gunpowder Brown fell for a perdigon.
Foggy Gunpowder Morning

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Winter Fishing on the Gunpowder !

With the recent snows in the area, walking to the prime fishing locations has been a bit tricky. Take your time and watch your step as the trails are very slippery with mud and ice. The trout are still moving around a little mostly to small nymphs/ midges and the occasional streamer.

Euro-style nymphing techniques are a proven winner in these conditions allowing you to cover pools and runs quickly and efficiently. River flows are in the low 50’s and the water temps are holding in the upper 30’s. When trying to keep your toes from freezing, staying away from cotton socks is your best bet.

Quick Pro Tip : If you find your rod guides are freezing up, try a small dab of lip balm on the guides to help shed the water before it freezes. It will keep you fishing longer.

Fall Colors are Here !!

Time to get out on the water and enjoy all that Fall Fishing has to offer. Wild Browns can still be found sipping midges and chasing a few caddis. Look for fish to be hanging in and around riffles as well as slow pools but be careful not to spook them as the water is flowing around 30 cfs making for delicate presentations. As the spawning season approaches, be mindful of where you wade and please do not fish over actively spawning trout.

As leaves fall from trees they can make it tough to get a good drift through runs and riffles without snagging. Windy days can make this more of a challenge but if you stick with it, determination will pay off. Try small emerging midge and small elk hair caddis patterns to draw some surface action. Long leaders and light tippet will increase your chances at landing some butter browns.

Most importantly, have fun and be safe !

Perfect Flows for Springtime !

The Gunpowder is flowing around 100 cfs and holding.  Daytime water temps are rising into the mid 50’s making for some exciting fishing opportunities.  Caddis and sulphur have been spotted and are getting some attention from the wild browns that inhabit this river.  You may even get a rainbow trout here and there.


Early and late day excursions will provide the most action as air temps begin to heat up mid-day.Popular patterns to use are the always reliable elk-hair caddis, caddis pupa emerger patterns, PT nymphs, and comparadun patterns.

Don’t forget that nymphing can still be very productive even when fish are rising.  If using a euro nymphing outifit, you have the ability to fish deep pools and also swing that same rig through the tailout to imitate those rising insects swimming for the surface.

If you’re interested in learning how to fish with this setup, give us call and we’ll spend a day on the river showing you how.  Lets get out there and spend a great day on the river, practicing social distancing of course !!


Early-ish Spring on the Gunpowder

Fishing has recently been up and down from day to day leading into the spring season.  Mild daytime temps and cold evenings have had the fishing action all over the place.  Nymphs one day, streamers the next…


Recently, more consistent temps have had the bugs moving around and the fish looking up !!  Black stones and midges have been getting the fish to come up to the surface and examine your offerings. Try an indicator dry when fishing a small midge pattern.  Small stimulator patterns will work well acting as the indicator and may even draw a strike or two.


Subsurface, simple caddis pupa patterns have been connecting with trout and making for some exciting nymphing.

Low Flows, Low Humidity and Terrestrials !

The Gunpowder is currently flowing around 30 cfs with a daytime high water temp around 60 degrees F.

At these flows, stealthy approaches are required to zero in on hungry trout.  Look for fish in the riffles and deeper pockets spread throughout the river.  Don’t skip the skinny water thinking its too shallow for fish to occupy.  Sometimes the skinniest water will hold the bigger fish.


Try using Terrestrials, (Black Carpenter Ants, Black and Orange Beetles, and Hopper patterns).  I like to use Hoppers as my indicator and drop an ant or nymph imitation off the bend of the hook and fish the riffles along the banks.

The Fall Fishing season is just around the corner.  Book your fall Guide trips and Flyfishing classes now !



Hungry Trout and Milder Temps !

Local area streams are fishing well through the winter despite frigid temps and higher flows.  On warmer afternoons, little stoneflies can be seen flying around and trout have been rising to these offerings in the slack water and back eddies.

Don’t be afraid to throw some streamers to attract attention from the larger fish looking for satisfying meal.  Euro style nymphing will produce some fish as well, just be sure the flies are getting down in the strike zone.

Come see us at Lefty Kreh’s Tie Fest at the BWI Marriott on February 23 and 24th.  Pick up some flies and swag for the upcoming season.  Get yourself some of my Witch Doctor” streamer patterns.

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image1.jpeg“Witch Doctor” also available in other colors and articulated patterns

image2.jpegRainbow that fell for  “Witch Doctor” in a slow deep pool


image3.jpegQuiet section of river on a cold February day


Happy New Year !! We welcome 2019 in the hopes of lower water levels in the coming year.

Well, we ended the year with rain and higher than normal water levels…  The rivers have been flowing higher than average since July 2018 with few opportunities to get out and fish the rivers. For those that have been able to get out and brave the higher flows, the rewards have come from fishing streamers and nymphs.  Tight line nymphing has been a very productive method for catching fish for those concentrating on the seams and deeper sections.

We wish you the best in the New Year and hope to see you on the river soon !

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Good Water Levels for Streamers, but be careful around the redd’s from spawning fish.

Flows are dropping to safer levels for wading all along the Gunpowder and surrounding rivers in the region. Streamers will draw attention as well as small copper johns and midge patterns.  BWO’s will be active on overcast days so carry a good assortment of patterns to fish every life stage.


Avoid the trout Redd’s, like the one pictured above, and limit fishing over these areas to help sustain a healthy wild trout population for the Gunpowder.


Healthy brown trout taken on a streamer in a Pennsylvania stream.  Notice the heron battle scar in front of the  dorsal fin.

Flows Dropping and Fish are Moving

With the rains subsiding, river flows are beginning to reach safe fishable levels and the trout are moving to streamers and wet flies being swung in the current seams.  Olive streamers fished down and across and caddis imitations have been connecting with wary trout.

Stick to the slower currents along the bank and where fast meets slow.

Contact us for the Fall trout season.  This can be a great time to experience all there is on a great Baltimore tailwater.

The trout are waiting !!

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